Hubert Fauconnier

Bonjour, I'm a Product Manager from Paris. 🥖
After more than 6 years spent building the future of music at Deezer,
most recently as a Data Product Manager,
I am now ready to meet new challenges in Berlin. 🇩🇪
I am cold-headed, down to earth and eager to learn.

Chordictionary 🎸

A Javascript library for dynamic chord recognition, generation and graphic representation for any fretted instrument.

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The Release Note 💌

Every Friday at 9am, get a digest of new releases from your favorite artists.

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Tweet Crawler 🦎

A Twitter crawler that will fetch every tweets from the past week on a given topic, in a given language, and add them to a CSV file. If launched on the same query again, it will start crawling tweets from where it previously stopped.

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